Tyvek Boot Cover 15 inch PVC Sole


Tyvek Boot Cover, 15 inch, Elastic Ankle/Top, PVC Sole. Large

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Tyvek® is a unique material made of a spunbonded olefin. These protective covers are made with this fabric has become a standard in the industry for worker safety, material strength and durability. Tyvek® provides an excellent barrier against dry particulates including asbestos, lead dust and radioactive dust. Uncoated Tyvek® does provide splash protection, but is not recommended for extended exposure to liquid chemicals and gases.

Applications: Paint spraying, pesticides handling, asbestos abatement, cleanroom, fiberglass handling, food processing, general maintenance, light chemicals, mining operations, and nuclear industries.

Packaged 100/case.

Product Variants
SKU                             DESCRIPTION
APP0140                 Tyvek Boot Cover, 15”, Elastic Ankle/Top, PVC Sole
APP0160                    Tyvek Shoe Cover, PVC Sole
APP0170                     Tyvek Shoe Cover