Polyester PolyPure Knit Wipes 12 x 12


PolyPure Polyester  Knit Wipes  (Class 10)  12 inch x 12 inch, 75/bag

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PolyPure 10 Polyester Knit Wipes are made from 100% polyester. Two edges are cut and ultrasonic sealed. These wipes are laundered and double packaged in a class 10 cleanroom. The metallic ion and extractable levels are extremely low. Class 10 compatible.

Color: White
Packaging: Packaged in double sealed polybags

Applications: Highly absorbent. Excellent for spill clean-up and general cleaning in cleanroom, microelectronic, laboratory, and industrial maintenance.

Product Variants

SKU                    DESCRIPTION                         WEIGHT (POUNDS)
CRP0635-4       4″x 4″ White, 600 sheets/bag           2 lb
CRP0635-6       6″x 6″ White, 300 sheets/bag            2 lb
CRP0635-9       9″x 9″ White, 150 sheets/bag            1.5 lb
CRP0635-12    12″x 12″ White, 75 sheets/bag      3 lb