CelluClean Polycellulose Wipers 12 x 12 (Smooth)


CelluClean Polycellulose Wipers (Smooth) 12 inch x 12 inch, 150/pack

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Our CelluClean Polycellulose Wipers are made from a blend of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers. No chemical binders are necessary to combine the two fibers because a special fiber entanglement process uses water streams to mesh the components. Cellulose, a natural fiber, is highly absorbent. When combined with the dependability of a synthetic fiber, a strong, low particle wiper is created. Class 100 CelluClean Wipers are an economical alternative for general purpose polishing and spill clean up. These versatile wipes are resistant to solvents and cleaning agents.

Color: White
Packaging: See below (stacked), 10 bags/case

Applications: Highly absorbent. Excellent for spill clean-up and general cleaning in cleanroom, microelectronic, laboratory, and industrial maintenance.

Product Variants
SKU                           DESCRIPTION                                  WEIGHT (POUNDS)
CRP0605-4             4″x 4″ White, 1200 sheets/bag          2 lbs/bag
CRP0605-9             9″x 9″ White, 300 sheets/bag            2.9 lbs /bag
CRP0605-12         12″x 12″ 150 sheets/bag                    3 lbs /bag

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Weight 48 oz