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  • SURFASOLVE PRO WIPES – Canister of 70 Pre-Moistened Waterless Hand Wipes

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  • SURFASOLVE PRO WIPES – Case – 6 Canisters of 70 Pre-Moistened Wipes

    SURFASOLVE Waterless Hand Wipes offer a unique chemistry not available with conventional solvents or cleaners. SURFASOLVE Hand Wipes use a special dual textured non-scratching towel. The biodegradable formula is powerful enough to instantly remove dirt, ink, resins, caulks, tar adhesives, urethanes, paint, dyes, oil grease and just about anything from hands without having to rinse with water. A special dual textured wipe holds the SURFASOLVE formula and traps the materials being cleaned within the towel. This prevents the materials from being re-deposited back on the skin. SURFASOLVE Hand Wipes have no harsh citrus solvents or alcohols to dry and chap skin. There is no pumice abrasive in the towels which can scratch and dull skin. After just one use SURFASOLVE Hand Wipes leave hands feeling soft and smooth not to mention it will remove grime from under finger nails! SURFASOLVE Hand Wipes have a pleasant apple scent that is non-offensive. Wipes contain natural beeswax and emollients to enhance moisture retention of skin. APPLICATIONS • Quickly removes the following from hands: Dirt, Paints, Oils, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Resin, Adhesives, Gel Coats, Ink, Dyes, Stains, Grease, Tar, Caulking, Adhesive, Urethanes, Wood Stains, Spray Paint, etc. • Cleaning work surfaces - Carpet Stains • Anti Graffiti Removal • Overspray removal • Cleaning Equipment and Tools • General Cleanups ECONOMY • Unsurpassed economy • Very Slow evaporation • Can eliminate hazardous waste • Increased productivity • Can outlast 10 drums of solvent for cleaning SAFETY • 100% Biodegradable • Very Low Toxicity profile • Non-Flammable • Non-Combustible
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